If you are looking to open a medical marijuana dispensary in California, then you must understand that the whole process requires a great deal of paperwork.  Some information on California marijuana dispensary business paperwork is provided below.  California Marijuana Dispensary Business Paperwork

There are a number of requirements that you are supposed to meet to be able to open a dispensary and operate a dispensary.  Your initial steps involve providing evidence that you are in a position to obtain premises and resources for your business.  In addition, your dispensary must be in a suitable location.  Written documentation of an inventory control plan is also required.

Florida Marijuana Dispensary Business PaperworkYou need to be in a good financial position to start a dispensary and prove that you have the financial resources to maintain the cannabis dispensary.  Therefore, your further California marijuana dispensary business paperwork would include proof of your financial ability.  Basically, after your application has been approved, you have a period of 30 days to pay an application fee of $150,000.  A 5 million dollars performance bond is also required.

Furthermore, you must prove on paper that your organization employees a licensed physician or doctor who is based in California.  All your marijuana business application and cannabis business permits and all California marijuana dispensary business paperwork must be submitted within 30 days of all the cannabis business regulations becoming effective.

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