Are you looking for a consultant to help you obtain cannabis dispensary permits?  Today, there are hundreds of consultants that offer services to cannabis clients.  But do all of them offer valuable service?  are all of them knowledgeable, professional and well qualified for the industry?  Cannabis dispensary permitsSome of the consultants are fit for the industry, but the fact is that the majority of them are in just to benefit from the green rush.  So when looking for a consultant, it is important to do a lot of research about them.  This will help you find the right consultant who can help you apply for cannabis dispensary permits.

There are also some consultants that will ask you for partial ownership in the business.  It is very important to understand what the consultant wants in return before you hire them to be a part of your team.  If you are just starting out in the industry and don’t have much knowledge about how it works including the laws, then you should stick to the traditional methods of payment only.  Giving the consultant right over a portion of your business can create conflict of interest.  It can create many other problems for you because ownership stakes can violate local laws as well.